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IBEW Local 3 Clubs

  • Amber Light Society
  • Asian American Cultural Society
  • Brooklyn Bedsole Kingsboro Club
  • Bronx Acorn Electrical Club
  • Catholic Council of Electrical Workers
  • Colony Club
  • Electchester Boxing Club
  • Electrical Square Club
    The club is comprised of the men in the union who belong to the Masonic Fraternity, whose origins lay in the workmen’s guilds of the Middle Ages. Today, the Fraternity promotes the enlightenment ideals of ration­ality and fellowship. The economic times are hard, the job market is diminishing and the need for all Local 3 electricians to live and work with integrity and honesty is paramount. Along with our sister clubs, the Electrical Square Club believes in our union, what it stands for and how it helps us all. The Electrical Square Club, the oldest club in Local 3, has always been at the forefront of change
  • Electrical Unity Club
  • Electrical Welfare Club
  • Futurian Society of America
  • Greek Orthodox Council
  • Hockey Club
  • Keystone Club
  • Lewis Howard Latimer Progressive Association
    The Lewis Howard Latimer Progressive Association was founded January 1, 1958 by members of Local Union #3, IBEW from the Construction, Manufacturing, and Maintenance Divisions.  Austin Ottley was the Latimer's first president.  Local Union #3, IBEW Business Representative Douglas Griffith - who served as the Club's President from 1984-1992 - is currently the club's advisor.
    The Lewis Howard Latimer Progressive Association has grown and thrived over the years participating in labor union, governmental, educational, civil rights, and other activities.
  • Motorcycle Club
    This club was founded in 1995 by a few Brothers with a common interest: motorcycles. Over the years the club has grown to over 200 members all riding American made bikes.  Our International President and our Business Manager now wear our colors with pride. We participate in many activities that service either Local #3, the community, or our need to ride.
  • Notre Dame Club
  • Queens Allied Union Social Club
  • Retirees Association
  • Saint George Association
  • Santiago Iglesias Educational Society
    The club was founded in 1958 as a result of a visit in Puerto Rico by a labor delegation including 30 Spanish-speaking members of Local 3, led by Harry Van Arsdale, Jr.  The Society promotes the education and development of Latinos in Local 3 and New York City.
  • Ski Club
  • Spartan 419 Club
  • Sportsmen's Club
  • Sword of Light Pipe and Drums Band
  • Staten Island Electrical Club
  • Westchester Mechanics Association